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In the world of event management, where meticulous planning meets glamorous execution, it’s easy to overlook the deeper societal impact a company can have. But for DoLittle, community isn’t just an audience – it’s the heart and soul of every endeavor. Our company ethos is deeply rooted in the idea of ‘giving back’, and through our various social initiatives, we aim to not just manage events, but to manage change.

Bringing Communities Together Through Events

One of the cornerstones of DoLittle’s approach to community engagement is organizing events that bridge gaps. Whether it’s a joyous fun-day, cultural celebrations, or community fetes and fairs, our objective remains the same: to create a platform where people from diverse backgrounds come together, celebrating their similarities and appreciating their differences. Such events serve as melting pots of culture, creativity, and camaraderie, fostering unity and understanding in the community.

A prime example is our collaboration with the Ocean Regeneration Trust in 2018. Tasked with arranging a fun-day to mark the end of summer, we saw it as an opportunity to do more than just entertain. By integrating elements that encouraged interaction, collaboration, and mutual appreciation, the event became a memorable celebration that strengthened community ties.


Empowering Through Employment

More than just events, DoLittle’s community outreach has a strong focus on empowerment. Recognizing the challenges faced by unemployed individuals, especially those with complex circumstances, we’ve made it our mission to provide them with opportunities to develop skills, gain experience, and carve out a successful career path in the events industry.

Syed H’s story is a testament to this commitment. Having faced unemployment since leaving school, he approached DoLittle with hopes of a temporary role. But with our guidance, what began as a simple job role transformed into a passionate career. Through on-the-job training, Syed not only gained accredited qualifications but also amassed a wealth of practical experience, proving that with the right opportunities, anyone can rise above their circumstances.

A Future Focused on Social Impact

As we look ahead, DoLittle’s vision for the future is clear – to intertwine our event management expertise with our social responsibility. While we’ll continue to offer top-notch event solutions, our commitment to the community will remain unwavering.

The stories of community celebrations and individual successes like Syed H are just the beginning. For DoLittle, every event is an opportunity, every challenge a chance to make a difference. As we shape events, we’re also shaping futures, ensuring that while we do little, our impact is anything but.


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